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Neel Adhikari

Music Director/Songwriter


Neel Adhikari is a music director/ singer songwriter from Kolkata. Fiercely independent, Neel has steered clear of the mainstream music industry. A rocker at heart he hosts the Open Mic in Kolkata and plays with two bands 'Neel and the Lightbulbs' and 'Gandu Circus' while helping and inspiring younger musicians in the city.

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Neel Adhikari 's BLOGS

More Rock & Roll: Weekender Kolkata Stories with Neel Adhikari (Part 2)

Jan 21, 2014

    The happiest festival did create a lot of ripples in our little town, Kolkata. All of a sudden, the mood here has changed. Somehow, we’re on the map. And that changes the... Read More

More Rock & Roll: Weekender Kolkata Stories with Neel Adhikari (Part 1)

Jan 08, 2014

NH7 Kolkata : The big happy guy in the small cozy house December 14th-15th. 2013. Kolkata made its grand entry on the national festival circuit with NH7 Weekender at Merlin Greens. And how! The... Read More

The City of Indie Joy

Oct 29, 2013

The process of how this action will come about has revealed itself to me over the past few years. It’s been a life’s work to understand a part of this. The material needs to be artistically... Read More

Ziro Festival - The hills were alive with the sound of music

Oct 08, 2013

My head was throbbing from the adrenalin rush. My vision was not really clear. I was trying my best to keep focus so that I don't lose equipment. People screaming were 'Gaaaaandu' from the crowd. It... Read More

Ziro Festival - Into The Great Wide Open

Sep 27, 2013

The rain gods in Arunachal Pradesh hadn't been too kind on Ziro festival last year. The festival happens once a year and this was the second chapter. A 17 to 20 hour gorgeous drive from Guwhati... Read More

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