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Saylee's BLOGS

Gift Your Old Man A Slice Of Nostalgia, This Father’s Day

Jun 13, 2019

They say shopping for men is difficult. But, aren’t dads harder to please, especially on Father’s Day? With dad’s day right around the corner, I’m sure you’re confused about how to make it... Read More

It’s High Time Scotch Got A Hip Update!

Jun 06, 2019

If you’re new to the vast world of Scotch, it can be a wee bit hard to know where to start. While some might find it difficult to tell a single malt from a blended malt, some may be perplexed... Read More

Sip Away The Season With Some Cold Brew Cocktails

Jun 03, 2019

We all may love the summer sun, but admit it, isn’t it just too hot to handle? The mere thought of going out tires me even before I step out.  Don’t you think it would be great to deal... Read More

Make Salt Your Bae With These Tanqueray Tipples

May 30, 2019

Some say a salted rim makes all the difference when it comes to a margarita or a michelada. But, how exactly does one go about with using salt as an ingredient? You know… shaking and stirring and... Read More

Patios for Prime Outdoor Lunching On A Lazy Day In Bengaluru

May 27, 2019

Weekends call for lazy days, all-things-eggs, fruity drinks, and most importantly meals that are not eaten out of a tiffin box – an act that I otherwise call ‘brunch’. While Bengaluru serves... Read More

Here’s How You Can Join In On The Foam Cocktail Trend

May 24, 2019

Sure you love a thick layer of steamed milk foam over our cappuccino, or a fresh pint of beer with that frothy foam collar on it. But have you ever given foamy cocktails a thought?  The latest... Read More

5 Reasons Why You Should Head To Lavaash By Saby

May 21, 2019

You probably skim over a lot of food posts in your Instagram feed. Over-the-top ice cream cones, fries loaded with copious amounts cheese, and of course, chocolate pizzas. But there are times when... Read More

World Class 2019: Cocktails And Conversations With Panellist Yangdup Lama

May 14, 2019

Award-winning mixologist, author, and co-owner, Cocktails & Dreams, Speakeasy, Yangdup Lama is truly, a sorcerer of spirits. Being in the business for over 22 years, this master of mixology has... Read More

Think You Know These Unexpected Places To Watch The IPL Finals In Your City

May 10, 2019

Flashback to summer 2018. You’re waiting to get entry into your favourite bar to watch the IPL finale. You wait until you get a table only to get cramped somewhere in the corner unsatisfied with... Read More

Cool Mother’s Day Gifts For A Woman Who's More Than A Mom

May 08, 2019

Mother’s day is right around the corner, and if you’re like me I’m sure you’re frantically looking for last minute gift ideas. While the cliché chocolates, flowers, and cards are fine,... Read More

#MixYourOwn Fizzy Beer Alternatives This Summer

May 03, 2019

Hey there, summer! It’s you again *sigh* Good to see you back with the soaring temperatures, the sweltering heat, and the season of chilled beer. Not to sound you off, but things are getting a... Read More

Think You Know All The Ways To Enjoy Your Hot Chocolate?

Apr 30, 2019

Raise your hands if you’re in love with the cocoa! If I had to choose between coffee or hot cocoa, I’d obviously go for a hot cocoa – with something extra at times! *wink* And if you’re... Read More

#CocktailCode All About Making Crushed Ice For Cocktails

Apr 26, 2019

Crushed ice is used in a variety of cocktails, from the margarita to the mojito. But as easy as it sounds, crushed ice requires a great deal of effort if you’re making it at home. While it does... Read More

If Your Favourite Avenger Walks Into A Karaoke Bar

Apr 25, 2019

If there's one plan that can never NOT be fun, it's karaoke night! Whether you’re a bathroom singer or an Arijit who sings at the drop of a hat, karaoke is all about having fun with your... Read More

Fermented Kombucha Cocktails For A Weekend Treat

Apr 17, 2019

If you’ve not jumped on the Kombucha bandwagon yet, consider this a crash course of sorts. Kombucha is basically fermented, sweetened tea, known for its detoxing qualities. Known to improve... Read More


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