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Take Notes, This Is How You Throw A House Party In Your 30s

Jul 04, 2019

For most of us, the transition from our 20s to 30s is accompanied by major changes in everything from waistlines to topics for discussion. We grow into undeniably the better versions of our... Read More

Wondering Where To Hang With Your Girl Gang? Show Us A List Better Than This. We’ll Wait!

Jul 03, 2019

I believe, a gang meet up with your girlies is not something you need, but something you truly deserve. I’m sure the ladies reading this post will agree with me when I say there’s nothing more... Read More

Movies You Can Watch This World Cup Season If You're Not A Cricket Fan!

Jul 03, 2019

We all know how crazy us Indians are about cricket. It is the greatest religion which unites us all and has us rooting for our nation as a whole. With the World Cup fever holding the nation in its... Read More

Grab Your Fork And Dig Into These Healthy Meals In A Bowl

Jul 01, 2019

Until some years ago healthy bowl recipes were not a part of the Indian culinary scene. But ever since we realised how versatile and absolutely delicious these recipes can be, the bowl recipe food... Read More

Take A Pause And Watch These 5 Binge Worthy Shows On A Rainy Day

Jun 25, 2019

It's easy to feel a lack of entertainment in your life when a show you have been watching for the past so many years comes to an end. For me, that was Game of Thrones. I know it has been so many days... Read More

Get Sippin’ On These Fruity Whisky Cocktails

Jun 25, 2019

For ages, I like most other people fancied my whiskies the basic way – which is either neat or on the rocks. But one day my life changed (for the better). It was at a house party of a dear friend... Read More

Saturday Night Done Right At The World Class Cocktail Festival

Jun 07, 2019

Saturday night and cocktails are the perfect pairings for a good weekend. Wouldn’t you agree?  So, when I heard there’s a World Class Cocktail Festival happening, I thought, why not check... Read More

Catch Up With Your Yaars After Work at These Pubs in Mumbai

Jun 03, 2019

Mumbai is a city that comes alive as the sun sets beyond horizon. You know why? Because during the day we mortals are holed up in our offices slogging on that work report that needs to be sent out... Read More

The Best Spots To Unwind After Work Hours In Hyderabad

May 31, 2019

In today’s times, we’re turning into robots given our monotonous 9 to 5 work schedules. It has become more essential than ever to break free from this daily grind and take some time out for... Read More

Host A Post Work Party At These Spots In Chennai

May 31, 2019

Is this sweltering heat melting you too, or is it just me? While we can’t switch off the sun (as much as we would like to) we can definitely deal with the summers our way, especially after a hard... Read More

Declare Your Love For Food At These Brunch Places In Kolkata

May 30, 2019

What’s the best way to make your otherwise lazy Sunday even better? Heading out for a nice Sunday brunch and enjoying a great conversation over mouthfuls of finger-licking food. That’s how! It... Read More

Grab A Drink After Office Hours At These Places In Pune

May 30, 2019

I, like most people, wait for the weekends, just so I can make these meet-up plans and wake up the fun side of me that somewhere gets lost in the daily grind. Fortunately, Pune is so full of cool... Read More

Enjoy Live Gigs At These Spots In Bengaluru

May 29, 2019

 It wouldn’t be absolutely wrong to call Bengaluru the ‘pub capital of India’ considering the fact that the city is dotted with hundreds of them. It also has the sassiest crowd that works... Read More

Punekars, Head Over To These Brunch Places For A Foodie Delight

May 28, 2019

I am sure most of the fellow lazy bums would agree with me when I say that weekends are meant to hibernate. And how do you do that? By stuffing your tumtums, of course. Since getting up early on... Read More

Rooftop Bars in Chennai When You Fancy A Drink With A View

May 28, 2019

Let’s admit it, adulting is a pain! On the rare occasions when life decides to smile at me, is when I am in the company of my yaars or my family. And what better place to chillax with your buddies... Read More


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