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Pune’s High Spirits and Mumbai’s The Ghetto: The Best Dive Bars In India

Sep 18, 2017

INCA in association with Johnnie Walker The Journey, the awards show and convention which celebrates and honours the finest of India’s nightlife and bar industry, is back with its second edition... Read More

Want To Visit India's Best Cocktail Bar? INCA 2016 Recommends NCR's PCO

Sep 18, 2017

INCA in association with Johnnie Walker The Journey, the awards show and convention which celebrates and honours the finest of India’s nightlife and bar industry, is back with its second... Read More

Bombay’s nightlife gets a thumbs up from Miss Malini

Sep 30, 2016

Miss Malini, the lifestyle blogger and head of the website of the same name, is known for giving readers the inside scoop on Bollywood and more. To find out where she parties, we sat down with Malini... Read More

India’s Leading Wedding Planners

Aug 16, 2016

Band, Baaja, Baarat…and, add to that, loads of confusion, heaps of chaos, and piles of planning. That is when a wedding planner, who specialises in the ‘art’ of planning a wedding, saves the... Read More

7 interesting Indian start-ups you should know about

Aug 10, 2016

India boasts of a vibrant start-up culture and eco-system that has a lot to offer to budding entrepreneurs with interesting start-up ideas. The last few years have seen the launch of hundreds of... Read More

Raghu Dixit: Musician Who Was Once A Microbiologist

Jul 01, 2016

The wildly popular  singer and band leader worked as a scientist in Belgium before pursuing his passion for music Everyone knows musician Raghu Dixit, India’s most popular folk-rock export.... Read More

Nikhil Chib: The Wall Street Banker Who Followed His Passion for Food

Jun 08, 2016

  Would you believe it if we told you that Nikhil Chib, India’s hugely popular chef and successful restaurateur, was once an investment banker on Wall Street? Nikhil gave up a well-paying... Read More

Ravi Subramanian | Passion for Words, Passion for Banking

Jun 02, 2016

  Ravi Subramanian is one of India’s most successful novelists writing in English. A graduate from IIM Bangalore, he is also an experienced banker having worked  for more... Read More

Yohan Jamsandekar: Trading his Chef coat for the DJ Table

Jun 01, 2016

  Yohan Jamsandekar is one of India’s busiest DJs. From stunning five-star bars like Aer at the Four Seasons, to legendary hotspots like Olive in Bandra, the 30-year-old is a go-to... Read More

From Engineering to Entertaining

May 02, 2016

An engineer by training, Prashant Pinge switched career to follow his passion for animation and writing, and has made a success of both. Isn’t it one of the best feelings in the world to... Read More

7 New Cocktails to Bowl Over Your Friends during the IPL

Feb 03, 2016

India’s decisive win over the Aussies in the recently concluded KFC T20 INTL Series kicks off what promises to be a thrilling new T20 season over the next few months. The three week long ICC World... Read More

Five cocktails to liven up your buddy nights

Jan 28, 2016

By Benaifer J. Mirza Whatever women might feel, it is something that men have known for thousands of years: an evening out with other men makes them feel happy, relaxed and refreshed for days on... Read More


Jan 20, 2016

Big screen or projector: Check Whistles, et al: Check Yummy tidbits and snack: Check Drinks: Still wondering… Does the above sound and look a little familiar when you’re hosting a sports... Read More


Jan 20, 2016

Your favorite celebs and stars are a part of the many areas of your life! You love what they wear and how they style themselves. You also follow their fitness regimes. Then why not track where they... Read More


Jan 20, 2016

By Benaifer J. Mirza In Motorcycle Diaries, Ernesto Guevara de la Serna says, “Wandering around our America has changed me more than I thought. I am not me any... Read More


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