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Loving a great home party is usually not the same as hosting one. What goes behind the hosting part is sheer hard work. As much as we like descending into others’ homes to engage in some banter over some lip-smacking finger food and tantalising poison, hosting the same can seem like a daunting task.

Ever wondered how your friends make hosting seem like an easy-peasy affair? Don’t worry, for we have you covered in that department. If it’s your turn to host the ultimate social gathering this month, we’ll help you handle it the right way. Follow this party checklist and pull off the event with panache.

The Home Party Checklist: 10 Things to Remember


Love thy neighbour(s)

Shakespeare may have popularised the phrase centuries ago, but it holds relevance even today. By this, we suggest you extend a warm invitation to the folks next door. House parties are sometimes a noisy affair and there have been instances when neighbours have sneakily complained about the music and revelry happening in their vicinity. This move will ensure your neighbour is fully aware of what to expect on the D-day and in all probability, he or she will treat it as an exception and not call the cops on you into the wee hours of the night.


Liar liar, party on fire

There are friends who are punctual, and then there are those who aren’t. For this, you must devise a strategy that actually works. For all those who usually land up when the party is over, some white lies will be a life (party) saver. If your party starts at 9, tell the latecomers it starts at 7. With that in mind, they’ll manage to reach by 9. Try it!

The Home Party Checklist: 10 Things to Remember

Layout and lighting

Make space in your house. If the number of guests exceed the space, then arrange for some additional furniture such as plastic chairs, and cushions and place them in the balcony. You don’t want your guests scrambling for seats and barely enjoying the party, do you? Do you want a separate dance floor? Then arrange a separate room for it. Also, the lighting can make or break a party. Neither do you want your guests feeling uncomfortable by the bright light, nor do you want them stumbling their way into the kitchen (if the lighting is too low), looking for some finger food.


Home bar essentials

If the sheer variety of drinking glasses makes your head go all tizzy, here’s where you can brush up on the basics. The purpose of different glassware is to make every alcoholic beverage better, whether it is the flavour or the aroma. Follow this guide, broaden your horizons, and ensure a smooth flow of events.

Food and drink selection can make or break your party

We’ve all gone to parties for the purpose of having a good time, which includes some great food and drinks. But then you don’t want your vegan guests to go hungry if there’s only meat in the menu. Likewise, some prefer whisky, some gin, and some who like both; so ensuring there’s ample choice for the guests is a good idea and you can get all of it delivered to you through Hipbar*. We also suggest that you hire a bartender for the night. 


Playlist should change

Like how there’s night after day, and day after night, your playlist also needs to vary according to the time and mood. Get the party started with some EDM and maybe pop, but later, tone it down with some jazz which will allow a free flow of after-dinner conversations (the guests won’t have to screech into each other’s ears to be heard).

Make introductions

The more diverse your guest list is, the more effort you will have to put in to make introductions. It is your party, there’s no one else but you who will need to take the initiative. Who knows, one of your guests might thank you later because he or she was introduced to another and they ended up becoming friends for life, or later started a business venture together.


Stay sober

This may sound like the worst bit, but it helps, believe us. Not only will you be in complete control, but will also be able to courteously see off your guests later in the night. You can also invite friends who are teetotallers, to help you with this.

Match screenings, card games, movie screenings and more

There’s a lot to do in a house party besides empty banter. And that includes throwing in some interesting games, screening a live match or even a film. Including films or match screenings is especially helpful for friends who are introverts and aren’t big on communication. There should be something for everyone.

Post party scene

We’re not talking about an after-party. To clean up the post party mess can be the worst task, and is something unavoidable. For this, you need to pre-stock essentials such as garbage bags, paper towels, et al to ensure the aftermath is not as bad as it seems. Enjoy!

*Hipbar is currently operational only in Bangalore


LiveInStyle encourages you to party responsibly. Stay tuned for more such updates.