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published time By Liveinstyle published time 25 Jun, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

Think it’s hard to break the ice with people you don’t know? Well, we know the feeling. But there’s no reason to stand at the corner anymore because mastering the art of small talk is no biggie. Here are some expert strategies to help you kick start a conversation at a dinner or cocktail party.

Party Conversation Starters: Easy-Peasy Ways To Make Mingling Fun

Preparation is the key

Want to make conversations as easy as breathing? Then prepare your questions beforehand. There’s no way you can get tongue tied if you have questions to throw at people, especially during awkward silences.

Follow up

There are those who can’t stop talking, and then there are those who are taciturn. If the response you receive is a one word answer, then we suggest you dig deeper. Always have a follow up question ready, for continuity is the key, they say.

Party Conversation Starters: Easy-Peasy Ways To Make Mingling Fun

Conversation killer is a complete no-no

Avoid queries about someone’s relationship status, because you don’t want to enter the tricky domain, do you? This can get awkward if you end up asking the question to someone who has recently undergone a break up and is touchy about the issue. We suggest you wait until the person himself/herself gives you a hint.  

Ask how they know the host

This is usually a sure shot way to get you started because you both know the host, which is why you landed at the party in the first place. Having something in common is the most obvious way to build a rapport.

Complementing is the key

Notice what the person has adorned: whether it is a watch or a piece of jewel. Show you’re intrigued and then compliment them which can be an icebreaker.

Finding common ground

You’ve already discussed about the host. But there are more things you may have in common than you think. Conversations can only flow when they entail things you both hate or love. If you’re talking about cars with someone who is the least bit interested, then the conversation will end up nowhere.

Discuss your passion

Our hobbies and passions bring the best out of us. An enthusiastic conversation where you passionately discuss your hobbies is contagious and can result in the other party revealing theirs. This is one of the easiest ways to bond over a drink.

And their favourite drink is…

While you’re deeply engrossed in that friendly banter, there’s no harm in asking for his/her favourite drink. Then you can go get that drink for your newfound friend. A simple way to make an impact and build relationships, even beyond the party.

So now you know.

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