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Whatever your reason may be to throw that next house party, you need to remember that there’s a lot to look into and it isn’t as easy-peasy as you may think. Everybody wants their party to be perfect, come what may; so we’ve compiled a list for you so that you never go wrong. Take a look at what we’re about to tell you next and avoid these simple mistakes that will make your party a success.


6 Party Mistakes You’re Bound to Make As A Host. Here’s How To Avoid Them

Neighbour love

Don’t go by the subtitle. What we mean here is that even if you abhor your neighbour’s presence anywhere near you, it is imperative to give them a heads up before any party. A house party entails blaring music, guests loitering around in galleries and balconies, which may perturb those who love the sound of silence. Then there are some neighbours who do not shy away from making complaints to authorities; hence, to avoid anything untoward happening at your space, inform them. What’s even better? Invite them. Simple.

6 Party Mistakes You’re Bound to Make As A Host. Here’s How To Avoid Them

Not enough cutlery

Not enough cups equals a massive mistake. Don’t buy cups based on the number of your guests because party mongers are likely to use not one, or two, but at least four to five cups throughout the night. That’s the average because parties tend be chaotic.

Forgetting to introduce people around

An obvious thing to do is to introduce people around. Not that all your guests would know each other. There may be guests from your workplace, some from college, some school buddies, while some introverts who tend to take a backseat during introductions. It’s a great way to make your guests feel acknowledged and also makes for an easy starting point in a conversation.  

Not enough drinks/food

You don’t want your guests scrambling for food and alcohol and eventually making plans to after party at a pub nearby, do you? Food and alcohol is an important aspect to any get together, and if you're caught in a situation with lack of time, you can always have your alcohol delivered to you at your doorstep using HipBar*. You can further improvise on your party game by hiring a bartender so that your guests are at ease.

Getting sloshed at your own party

If you’re one of those who love to enjoy a drink or two in the company of friends, then this might seem like a buzzkill. But as a host, you’re the one who has to run around and ensure that there is a smooth flow of events. As a host you also need to see off your guests towards the end of the night. So cut down on your favourite tipple, or drink a glass of water after every drink, if you want to host a successful party.  

No music/live screenings

Is a party really a party if there’s no music? Well, some would disagree, but there’s no fun when there isn’t a playlist that turns a groggy party alive. There are those who like to shake a leg, wherever they go. So we suggest you invite a friend who would like to become the designated DJ throughout the night. Likewise, live sports screenings are a boon for sports enthusiasts and introverts, alike.

So now you know.

*Hipbar is currently operational only in Bangalore

LiveInStyle encourages you to party responsibly. Stay tuned for more such updates.