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published time By Chaitanya published time 12 Feb, 2019 Share image 0 Shares

I like to believe that secretly we all want to be rock stars! Living life on the edge, all the while creating great music. I'm sure we all remember pretending to sing in front of a crowd in our bedrooms, right? For others, it might be singing in the shower but the grand place for this would be the karaoke stage. It is the happiest place to be as you have the mic, you got your song, you have your friends to cheer for you and you get all the applause. 

In case your singing skills are not tuned, you know you will hear 'kya bakwaas gaya' from your friends afterwards. The point here is to just unwind and have a great time with your gang. 

Now, let's have a look at the different types of karaoke singers you will meet at the bar.

1. The Chhupa Rustam
We all know that one person who pretends to be a 'so-so' singer but when given the mic, they sound like an absolute pro. In Hindi, we call them ‘Chhupa Rustams’. They sing all the high-pitched songs and leave us spellbound. This makes karaoke even more fun as we get to discover new things about our pals.
2. The Besura Singer 
The complete opposite of that is the person who thinks they can sing but are actually the worst. These people think they’re the best singers on the planet. When in reality, they have no idea what they sound like. But that doesn't stop them from thinking they sing like Rihanna.