Drinking Gadgets - How you can make a better drink each time!

Alcohol has this ability to inspire the craziest and out-right obnoxious ideas for some reason. Not a bad thing at all, these ideas sometime turn out to be an adventure when trying out that special 21 year old Scotch whisky or something similarly classy. Combine tech and alcohol and what we get is one of the most rad ideas in the history of drinking. Serve up a nice martini as we list down some nice gadgets for your boozing needs.

Whiskey Stones - Whiskey stones are perfect companion for a pure drinking experience. These are little ice-imitators designed to put a chill in the drink without diluting them. Put them in the freezer for some time and then drop a couple into the glass of your Whiskey.

Gadget Booze

Image Courtesy - thecoolist.com

Electronic Cocktail Shaker - This awesome piece well help you get your blended drinks on the tables within minutes. It’s a modern take on a regular cocktail shaker, all you need to do is put your liquor and press the button and it’s ready! It is a great way to keep the party going while enjoying your glass of cocktail.

Image Courtesy - waycoolgadgets.com

Remote Control Beverage Cooler - This beverage cooler can deliver up to 12 ice-cold brews to people around your party destination. After all, a non-remote controlled beverage cooler is so last century.

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Vodka Zinger – Why not serve the party-goers cocktails with home-infused tropical fruit or mixed berry vodka. This little gadget lets you infuse 830 mL of liquid, especially vodka, with your choice of fruit.

Image Courtesy - brit.co

Le Whaf – When having your drink, experiencing the aroma is quite the task, but what if you could turn your drink into a “drinkable cloud.” Sound pretty interesting, doesn’t it.

Image Courtesy - theawesomer.com

Whiskey Stone Shot Glass - Some of us don’t like anything in our drinks, we just like it chill and straight up, and for those people these stone glasses make perfect sense. Throw them in the freezer for a couple of hours, pour your drinks and enjoy the goodness.

Image Courtesy - uncommongoods.com

All these gadgets are in existence to give you a quirky, if not a better drinking experience. All said and done, drinking responsibly is the most important thing to keep a note of while enjoying the pretty moments of life. Is it happy hour yet?


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