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published time By Ujjwala published time 10 Jun, 2019 Share image 0 Shares

If you’re looking for a power packed comedian who would make you laugh till tears run down from your eyes then the search ends here. Urooj Ashfaq, a comedian, a writer, and an actor, is one person who does it all. With her quick wit and hilariously relatable humour, she is not afraid of talking about the most awkward things or sharing an unpopular opinion. 

Well, you know how we know? Our team  got in touch with her for an interview where Urooj talks about work, comedy and life! 

1. What made you choose comedy over psychology?
Comedy was supposed to be something I did in my “gap year” before I pursued psychology, however a year was enough time for me to recognise that I enjoyed being a comedian much more than I enjoyed being a student of psychology. Also, the instant validation you get when you perform really helps!

2. Now that you have made a mark in the comedy scene of India, how will you define your comedy style?
At this point of time, I’m looking to simply be hilarious for an hour on stage. If I had to define my comedy style, I would say it’s me baring my soul on stage and hoping the audience relates and likes me. 
Urooj Ashfaq Gets Hilariously Candid About Work, Life, And Comedy!

3. Is there a ritual you follow before you take the stage?
Yes, I tell myself that regardless of how my show goes today, this is what I want to do in my life so a single show shouldn’t make or break me. I should give this my best shot but if it doesn’t go as well, I’ll just get on stage tomorrow again!

4. While delivering a joke, what all do you keep in mind?
Speak clearly, make sure you put your premise in simple words so everyone understands and just be funny. I also try to be optimistic when I’m performing overall. I just want people watching to feel good!
Urooj Ashfaq Gets Hilariously Candid About Work, Life, And Comedy!

5.  How do you react when a certain joke of yours doesn’t do as good as you thought it would?
I acknowledge it, I say something like “oh I thought this would be funny” which usually gets a bigger laugh because failure is funny. When I get off stage, I try to assess why the joke isn’t working and how I can make it work. 

6. How do you tackle hecklers while you’re performing?
I start talking to them, I engage them in a conversation and ask them about themselves. I, obviously make jokes but I look at it this way, ‘if you’re heckling me you wanted some attention’ They usually back down because they didn’t think it would be such a long conversation.

7. If you were not a comedian, then what other career would you have chosen?
I would’ve been a therapist who also had a therapist. 

8. Other than comedy, what’s the thing that you like the most?
I love reading, I could just sit and read all day if I didn’t have to earn money. I also like acting. That’s one of my third favourite thing. 

9. What would like to tell your younger self?
Relax and have fun, you’re going to turn out just fine!

Well, Urooj really is a comedian who can leave even the most serious person in splits! We had a great time interviewing her! 

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