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Gone are the days of comedy being limited to the Bollywood movies with special appearances from comedians! Comedy is now a full-fledged business. In fact, comedians these days have multiple options for making a living. From personal shows to YouTube videos, Stand-up comedy is a great way of gathering laughs with relatable content that can make you a youth icon. 

The Rise and Rise Of Stand-Up Comedy In India

YouTube: The kick starter
It all started with YouTube! A few people with good comic sense thought, “Why not make a video for YouTube?” Soon, with the medium’s popularity the comedians too gained fame and that’s how comedians discovered a new platform to showcase their talent. Comedians who started off as YouTube stars today are popular with people of all ages. Naveen Richards, a lawyer turned comedian received fame on YouTube for his show The Better Life Foundation and now does stand-up comedy shows across the country among other things! Maxed out on luck, we think!

The Rise and Rise Of Stand-Up Comedy In India  
Social Media: The fuel
Social media star is a real thing! These people are not only widely followed but also loved. In fact, comedians today are not only considered entertainers but their role has evolved to become influencers and social change makers. Scary when you think about how they are just normal humans doing their job! Websites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter have made these funny people famous for their real and relatable posts. Comedians Karunesh Talwar, Angad Singh Ranyal and Sahil Shah are great examples of social media popularity.

Events: The encouragement
From quite performances is lesser-known venues to sponsored gigs in packed auditoriums, it is fair to say that stand-up comedy in India has come a long way. Large cities often host events like open mic nights, improv sessions and stand-up comedy evenings that have made comedians even more popular. 

Black Dog Sparkling Water Easy Evenings is one such event that gives comedians a chance to perform live in various Indian cities. Comedians get the opportunity to interact with their audience on a personal level while they are also introduced to a different audience that eventually adds to their growing popularity.

All these have made comedy an important aspect of India’s entertainment circuit. Being a stand-up comedian now comes with money and fame which could also lead to endorsements, television commercials, TV shows and sometimes even Bollywood film offers. Now that’s called the rise and rise of comedy! 

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