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Remember that time when you did an impromptu imitation of your friend and all of you cracked up?

Imagine being that spontaneously funny for over an hour... Because that's what improvisation comedy is!

With a lot of practice, some on the spot inspiration and perfect teamwork, an improv act can be the funniest of comedic performances.

The world, as we know, is a stage and the spontaneous art of improv, mimics life at every step.

Black Dog Easy Evenings gives you a chance to watch the best of improv performers showing their craft on stage.

And if you wish to make your life as entertaining and amusing as an improv show, you know what to do…

Read on!

May I Have Your Attention, Please?

Improv involves people from the audience giving you cues which later form the crux of the act. Life is packed with tons of distractions but, to stay focused is to win the game!

The Improv Effect - Life Lessons You Can Learn Through Improvisation Comedy!

Be Fearless

Performing on stage involves facing your fears. And when it comes to improv, these fears may expand tenfold for a newbie. Learn to embrace your fear with love and be courageous. It's your stage, so do it your way!

The Improv Effect - Life Lessons You Can Learn Through Improvisation Comedy!

Yes, And…

One of the main improv principles encourages you to be supportive and open. It states that a scene member should accept what another participant has said (the ‘yes’) and then expand on that line of thinking (the ‘and’). By accepting someone else’s ideas, you support them while establishing trust and respect. It's pretty much all about respecting your co-work...umm co-performers!

Make A Connection

Improv is all about team effort. To have a successful improv scene, you need to connect to the other performer and focus on your coordination. And isn’t life supposed to be all about connections?

Commit, Commit, Commit

Said something in a scene which made it into a complete disaster? Don’t worry, go ahead and make it seem flawless! Steering off course a little and then working your way to get back on track – that’s what makes both improv and life, fun!

But, Naturally

We tend to be at our funniest best when surrounded by people we’re most comfortable with. Because ‘funny’ can’t be forced, and neither can life. What makes a good improv performance funny is the fact that it comes across as natural and bare. So, go out there and remove the filter… Even your goof-ups can make a crowd go mad with laughter!

Intrigued by improv? If you’re in Bengaluru, go watch The Improv by Saad Khan at Black Dog Sparkling Water Easy Evenings, October 26th, Friday Myu Bar at Gillys Redefined.

Launched in May 2012, The Improv is an act full of on-the-spot hilarity, making it the best way for you to unwind on a Friday night.

Book your tickets here.