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published time By Vanessa published time 19 Mar, 2019 Share image 0 Shares

There are two kinds of people, one who prefer to go out to find what they enjoy and the others who wait for the entertainment to come find them. In case you’re the second kind, you have it easy when it comes to comedy. Going for a stand-up comedy show is fun but so is staying in and catching up on a stand-up special on your phone, where you can literally Laugh Out Laugh, even if it sounds like you’re grunting. So, satisfying, I tell you! 

All you need is your phone, to get a good laugh with these comedians who have their own stand-up specials.  

Nishant Tanwar, Dilli Se Hoon 
If you like Delhi humour, you’ll like this homeboy who’s stand-up special features on Amazon Prime Video. He takes a dig at the typical Delhi culture and its stereotypes that are all too real and too funny at the same time. So #TakeAPause and watch his show now, we promise it’ll make your day. And, when you’re done with it, get more of his humour live at the Black Dog Sparkling Water  Easy Evenings on March 22nd at Silvasa. You can book your ticket here

#TakeAPause & Laugh With These Stand-Up Specials

Sahil Shah, Childish Behaviour
Sahil Shah’s stand-up special is a nostalgic ode to our bachpan with a completely hilarious twist. He brings to the show his childish side with all it’s silliness and immaturity that just makes you ROFL. His show features on Amazon Prime Video too. For more such funny bits from this guy, catch his humorous pseudo personality Prashant the Gujju Bee on Instagram.  

#TakeAPause & Laugh With These Stand-Up Specials

Azeem Banatwalla, Problems
Azeem’s humour is a series of witty and wisecrack digs at everyday “Problems”. This is his second stand-up special on Amazon Prime Video. Yes, he’s that good that you’d want to binge watch his first and second one right away. 

Vaibhav Sethia, Don’t
Vaibhav Sethia is going to tell you what you “Don’t” need to do and it’s going to be every bit hilarious. His stand-up special on Amazon Prime video is all about highlighting the humour in daily life, with a bunch of on-point mimics and a lot of jumps and jives. 

Sapan Verma, Obsessive Comedic Disorder
Nothing gets us crackling as hard as when someone points out to something that’s unsettlingly real and relatable. You know it’s true, and that’s why you’ll enjoy Sapan’s stand up special on Amazon Prime Video too. 

Have you watched any of these Indian stand-up specials yet? Tell us which one your favourite in the comments is below. 

In the meantime, #TakeAPause and watch Nishant Tanwar on March 22nd, in Silvasa.