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published time By SW published time 11 Oct, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

From veteran corporate busybodies to guys just exploring the Indian comedy scene, everyone cracks up at the mention of Sanjay Manaktala!

Lovingly known as the IT guy of comedy, the former software engineer who jokes about everything corporate (and sometimes Ed Sheeran) is a name that's hard to miss.

By drawing inspiration from demonetization, traffic, travel and everything in between, he's one guy who is sure to leave you in splits!

Along with his brilliant stand-up acts, Sanjay shows off his funny bone on Twitter as well.

Check out a few gems from the man himself!

1) Because in India, it’s all about loving your family.

Let Sanjay Manaktala’s Relatable Tweets Tickle Your Funny Bone

2) Oh! never mind, it’s just my OCD senses tingling.

Let Sanjay Manaktala’s Relatable Tweets Tickle Your Funny Bone

3) Sometimes temperaments match but, temperatures don’t.

4) Give me ‘read’.

5) Maybe I’ll just take a nap.

6) Thank God baggy jeans are in fashion again!

7) This is what you’d call a book-ception.

8) Make that 12 and I’ll just ditch the gym for the day.


9) The only time when I’m happy with my friends’ observations.

10) I didn’t spend my hard-earned money on this sherwani for nothing, alright?

Aren’t Sanjay’s jokes just the perfect way to unwind and relax after a long week?

If you’re in Vishakhapatnam and are a fan of stand-up comedy, head to Black Dog Sparkling Water Easy Evenings Featuring Sanjay Manaktala tomorrow!

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