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published time By SW published time 23 Nov, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

Abijit Ganguly, in his own words is not just a stand-up comedian, but also an accha insaan.

A Bengali living in Delhi, Abijit’s humour tackles the most mundane of Indian problems; from parents to the pressure of getting married. You know, all the stuff that we basically live through. *sigh*

Having been inspired to try out his hand at comedy during a performance by Abish Mathew at Indian Habitat Centre, he bid goodbye to the corporate world and said hello to all things humour!

If you’ve seen him perform live, we’re sure you’ve been left in splits with his tongue-in-cheek humour.

But did you know he’s just as hilarious off-stage as well?

We checked him on Instagram to find you gems that’ll make you say – “I know right!?”

And if you’re in Siliguri, take a pause at Black Dog Sparkling Water Easy Evenings with Abijit at Open House on Saturday, 24th November. Tickets available here.

1. Remember that one friend who made an Instagram profile for Tommy? Yeah, she’s calls herself a #petinfluencer now.

Laughter Comes Easy With Abijit Ganguly’s Relatable Humour

2. Getting Soan Papdi for Diwali is the equivalent of getting socks for Christmas.

Laughter Comes Easy With Abijit Ganguly’s Relatable Humour

3. We all love a multi-functional outfit, don’t we?

4. ‘I think I’m getting a call’ is the new ‘I’ll have to ask my mom for permission’.

5. Ghar ka khana always wins, right?

6. *checks account balance*

‘Oh, and can I have a large soft-drink to-go?’

7. The sad part is, we don’t even get a holiday on these days. Tsk. Tsk.

8. ‘Dad… um, we’re hardly 8 kms away from each other, you know?’

9. Remember fidget spinners? They lasted longer than our obsession for Pokemon Go though.

10. But then reality does hit you hard in the end.

Abijit surely deserves a round of applause for his on-point observations, doesn’t he?

See you soon at the Black Dog Sparkling Water Easy Evenings, Siliguri!