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published time By SW published time 19 Dec, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

Attend a Daniel Fernandes stand-up comedy and you’ll know how this comedian literally ‘Stands Out’. Where there is comedy that offends people, there is Daniel Fernandes who has mastered the art of comedy. 

His timing, quirks and comedy blows will make you think twice. He is brutal but every bit honest. He is sure to make you roll on the floor laughing every 30 seconds. 

He is filled with funny cracks under his belt which makes him one comedian we definitely got our eyes on. 

If you haven’t witnessed him in person or gotten a chance to watch his wise-cracks on his podcast, we’ve got you sorted.
He’s performing live at the Black Dog Sparkling Water Easy Evenings on 14th December in Chandigarh. Book your tickets here.

As for an instant dose of his comedy, scroll down right away! Caution: Daniel Fernandes just got real!

1. On what we love on TV
Daniel Fernandes's Gut-Punching Humour That'll Make You Go "Oh Yeah!"

2. On why he hates Fawad Khan
Daniel Fernandes's Gut-Punching Humour That'll Make You Go "Oh Yeah!"

3. On Death Penalty

4. There are ways to know a woman. And there are shortcuts to speed up the process to connect with women at festivals

5. Being ugly is directly proportional to being rich

6. Can’t keep calm because border pe Facebook aur Twitter nahi hai. 

7. Bura na mano, comedy hai!

8. On Sachin Tendualkar getting nominated for the Clean India campaign 
“Bat ho ya broom, Sachin six hi maarega”