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published time By SW published time 12 Oct, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

Did you know there are advantages of being partially blind? We didn’t until we discovered comedian Sundeep Rao who has a rather clear comic foresight. With a condition called juvenile macular degeneration, Sundeep talks about his disability openly and proudly. One of the many traits we admire.  

The Bangalore-based comedian is famous for his sarcasm-laced humour that has the audiences in splits. If you thought he’s only funny on stage, think again! We came across some hilarious jokes Rao shared on Twitter about his life problems and other general issues and we couldn’t stop chuckling. 

Check them out if you’ve got a few minutes to spare before you rush into another meeting! After all laughter therapy is always a good idea. 
1.  When he made a quick self-realisation in a rather hilarious way! 

Comedian Sundeep Rao Wins Laughs By Sharing His Humorous Life Problems

2. When the demonetization wave hit a little too hard resulting in a lot of laughter. 

Comedian Sundeep Rao Wins Laughs By Sharing His Humorous Life Problems

3. Every rich Indian’s story during demonetization.

4. When the short form video sharing app – Vine was no longer in fashion.  

5.  When India had more start-ups than unemployed people…LOL!

6. Real life problems of literally every person with a credit card! 

7. Oops! 

8. The best way to describe a visually impaired person’s childhood, maybe? 

9. Umm… we don’t get that either. 

10. Because women can be very demanding be it in person or on WhatsApp groups!

Sundeep will perform live on Friday, October 12 and Saturday, October 13 in Pune and Bangalore respectively. If you want to watch the comedian live, book your tickets and enjoy Black Dog Sparkling Water Easy Evenings.

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