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Shankar Chugani is better known as Shanky among circles. He also loves chai. And egg puffs. And the combination of chai and egg puffs.

Doesn’t that make him sound affable already?

A contestant on the first ever season on Comicstaan, Shankar was a fan favourite. Yes, he didn’t end up winning, but he surely won our hearts.

Want to know more about his comical journey?

Read on!

Currently based out of Bengaluru, he has been touring across India for the last 5 years.

Over time, he has performed at Bengaluru Comedy Festival, Hyderabad Comedy Festival (Masala Mayhem), 150+ corporate shows, numerous college gigs, and countless open mics.

Chug Chug Gaadi Chali: Decrypting Shankar Chugani's Rise To Fame

Having moved to Bengaluru when he was 18 from Coonoor, he used the fact that there are not many stand-up comedians from the small town to his advantage. Bengaluru, on the other hand has a thriving strong open-mic scene and multiple open-mics every day. And Shankar has managed to woo audiences, both young and old.

Chug Chug Gaadi Chali: Decrypting Shankar Chugani's Rise To Fame

Drawing from his experiences growing up in a small town and working in tech support, Shankar began by making friends and family laugh, then moved on to entertaining colleagues during chai breaks at work, to finally hitting his first ever open mic at ‘Take 5’ in Bengaluru.

If you follow Shankar on social media, we’re sure you know about #ShunkysHomemadeChocolates!

Whenever he’s visiting his hometown, Shanky helps his mother sell delicious chocolates that she makes herself. Make sure you place an order the next time they’re available!

Did you know Comicstaan wasn’t his first on-screen appearance? Shankar’s Bollywood debut was a cameo in Kapoor And Sons in 2016. Let us know if you’ve spotted him!

Have we piqued your curiosity yet? Catch Shankar Chugani performing live at Secret Affairs: Hyderabad on 13 Oct and hear him dish out some fresh jokes!

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Image Credits: @halfacomic