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published time By Liveinstyle published time 01 Apr, 2013 Share image 0 Shares

What’s better than to end your weekend with a smile on your face, despite the drudgery that awaits you on Monday! Yes, I had one such evening at Juhu’s favourite watering hole “BeachComber” – the stylish Cocktail Bar and Lounge at “Sun.n.Sand Hotel - Juhu”.

True to its name the Black Dog Easy Evening started without too much of a fuss. Comedy fans walked in casually dressed, ready to laugh their pants off! With Sorabh Pant, one of India’s hottest Stand up Comedians, set to take the stage, they didn’t expect anything less. The atmosphere was laid back and no one really minded the slight delay in proceedings.

After a brief wait and the place filling up, the act begun and it was well worth the wait! Kunal Rao, the young 33 year old ex-Chartered Accountant from Andhra, started the proceedings with a Pledge! Yep, the audience had to take “The Laughter Pledge” of not beating him up even if he antagonized us. Well, if you have ever been to a Comedy night you know that some special members in the audience are in for some good spirited humiliation! And Kunal immediately identified a few sporty “Bakras” in the audience to base his jokes on. From Bollywood to Gujratis, the jokes stated pouring like the drinks at the bar!

When Kunal had everyone suitably warmed up, he welcomed on stage the self anointed “Best Stand-Up Comedian in the world” – Sorabh Pant! Immediately, Pant took the show to a different level all together. With fast, crisp delivery and brilliant timing, his jokes were wicked and sharp. The energy that he brought to the room was commendable as more and more of the audience started getting involved in the show. He even managed to rope in special guest “Aryan Ved” into a dialogue and I am sure, I saw people spilling their drinks left right and centre!

Even though Pant started at top gear, the audience had a surprise in store, because post the break he pulled out another gear from somewhere. From Punjabis heartiness, to Delhiites debauchery, to Akbar’s marital dilemmas, to ChaiSutra, Pant played all the cards right! The Easy Evening soon turned out to be a no holds barred attack on the funny bone. Surely, on this Black Dog Easy Evening, the “Pant was on Fire”!

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Virinder Villkhoo

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