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published time By SW published time 28 Nov, 2018 Share image 0 Shares
Edgy, funny and every bit sassy, Kunal Kamra has got standup comedy down to the T. Sure, he speaks about politics and the Government and manages to ruffle some feathers, but this guy’s quips and quirks will leave you craving for more comedy. 
Kamra’s teary-eyed comedy will fill you with laughter as he mercilessly rags Indian uncles and gives his take on finding a taxi in Mumbai. Kunal sure knows how to steal the show while spilling some sass along the way. So, get scrolling and get your dose of mid-week laughs right now!
1. Who knew talking to your Uber guy will give you such great content? 
9 Times Kunal Kamra Spilled Some Sass
2. Kunal’s hilarious take on Uber-wallahs and their shenanigans. 
“Privacy naam ki cheez hoti hai yaar”

9 Times Kunal Kamra Spilled Some Sass
3. On bumping into an old uncle anywhere you go. This time in an ATM line. 
“Khyunki buddho ki kami nahi hai” 

4. Kunal Kamra on his home town Bombay. “Ek ghar Andheri mein milega kya, view ke saath?”

5. Do you still want to shift to Mumbai? Because view to banta hai na?

6. Because conversations with old uncles on a plane is a lesson in philosophy.

7. East or West? Bombay is the best! 

8. Kunal Kamra may have fans in Indore, but he has no plans of going to Indore.

9. Kunal Kamra on Indore brides who are married to Bombay guys.