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published time By Liveinstyle published time 08 Oct, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

Here’s to the bold decision of the Kolkata Police to recruit trans-genders into its force.

Bold - Royal Challenge

In a turn of events that might knock off some mindsets and even break certain norms for the better, the West Bengal government plans to enroll trans-genders into its police force. It has recently requested the Kolkata Police to recruit trans-genders into the Civic Police Volunteer Force (CPVC), with the intention of ending the ‘stigma’ and ‘discrimination’ against the community.

The State Minister for Women and Child Development, Shashi Panja has apparently discussed the proposal with the Kolkata Police Commissioner, Surajit Kar Purkayastha, suggesting the idea soon after it was brought up during a meeting of the West Bengal Transgender Development Board. She quoted, “The prime issue that we face is that people don’t have respect for the transgender community. But if they are incorporated as volunteers in the civic police force, then it will gradually allow people to imagine them in different roles”.

Set up by the Kolkata Municipality in 2008 with the objective of providing support to the Kolkata Police in traffic management, the scope of CPVC’s duties span from collecting information about unauthorised parking, protection of flora and fauna in parks, to controlling pedestrian movement. This proposal is one the many by the department’s long term efforts towards stepping up the inclusion of members of the community into various roles in society.

This move clearly indicates that our society is re-looking at its primitive mindset and is even attempting to make a few bold moves by giving way to fresh thinking, new ideas, in the process making the society more inclusive. On that note, here’s a certain new force that at least the citizens of Kolkata can look forward to being served by. encourages you to Party Responsibly!