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Being a good bar chef is a big responsibility. You not only show your skills behind the counter, you actively represent an institution and there are some standards you have to meet in the hospitality business. One of the most important aspect of being a bartender, looking presentable and well-groomed.

Here are some tips on how to look good behind the bar-

Keep it simple- The most important thing to remember while dressing up for a classy event, is to keep things simple. Going overboard with different clothes can ruin your entire getup.

Fashion tips to look good behind the bar

Wear clothes that fit- Most clubs or bars have a dress code for employees which include formals or semi-formal clothes. It is always good to wear clothes that fit your perfectly.

Understand the difference between formal wear and well-dressed- Simply wearing a formal attire doesn’t make you look good. One has to know how to carry them and wear the clothes properly. A shirt that is properly tucked in, sleeves folded to the correct length, matter when it comes to dressing well.

Fashion tips to look good behind the bar

Grooming is important- One has to know the importance of a clean shaven face or a neatly trimmed beard and a neat haircut.

Little things matter- Accessorizing your attire with even the smallest of things can make it more presentable. The perfect knot of your tie, a pocket square, cuff-links are just some of the things you should be the lookout for.

Fashion tips to look good behind the bar

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