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  • Cafe Dalal Street is an exemplary resto bar, inspired by the dynamics of the stock exchange whereby drink prices move according to demand, creating an exciting atmosphere and interactive experience. If this is your first time walking into our bar, here is a brief guide to surviving in Cafe Dalal Street. 1. Almost all the drinks are listed on the Cafe Dalal Street Exchange affectionately known as "CDS Exchange". Chances are, your pick of swig is on it too. 2. Check the TV screens on your table or the LED Tickers round the place. Our personal suggestion would be to download the Cafe Dalal Street app on your smartphone, monitor the price fluctuation and also place an instant hassle free order. 3. Price changes respond to demand, just like stocks. So, the more popular the drink, the higher the price. 4. There’s something you should watch out for – Market Crashes. 'Hooot' So there you go. Have a gratifying experience at Cafe Dalal Street.

    • Time :
    • 07:00 PM - 11:59 PM
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