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Posted by: on January 14, 2014

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  • The video of your earlier single, Hue Deewane documented your road trip across 25 cities in a van that housed your PA system. You played to every imaginable audience you encountered. Tell us about the joys, the challenges, and everything in between.

    It was very exciting for me to go out and be able to share my music with so many people on the road. The fans were amazing. They supported my tour by buying my CDs and making small donations. There were also some very eminent personalities that I met who offered help and encouragement. I’m particularly indebted to the Maharaja of Tripura — Mr. Pradyot Bikram Manikya Deb Barma — who bought 100 CDs when I was in Shillong. That really meant a lot to me. My friend Mithun and I slept in the van every night. It was not easy during the rains. At one point, we had a 4-inch deep water logging inside the van. Thank goodness, the equipment was all fine. I think it warrants a mention here that I got arrested in New Delhi at the end of my tour. I had planted a banner or two at a shopping mall. So the mall authorities called the cops. I still ended up playing my music for all of the policemen at the station and a couple of them bought my CDs too. Everything made the tour a complete dream-come-true. I have written a book about it (which will be out soon). That is how interesting it was for me. However, I had to cut my tour short due to my dad’s passing. He had to undergo heart surgery while I was gone. The last thing I remember him saying is that he was very proud of me. He always taught me: never fear to dream and never fear to pursue.

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