Enjoy Monsoon in Kolkata at these Lounges

The parched days of summer are almost over, and the onset of those dark monsoon clouds fill us all with a strange sense of joy. The rains would perhaps make the city roads water-clogged, and some roads muddy…but no one can deny the freshness this monsoon will bring to our lives. The washed green leaves, the smell of wet soil, and the relieved smile all over…trust me friends, this is the perfect season for celebrations. To be in sync with this joyous spirit, the best lounges in the city have come together to allow the lively crowd of this city to enjoy the rains, but without getting wet. Didn’t get it? Well, to put it simply, tell me what can be better than watching the rain sitting on a cosy couch and sipping onto your favorite drink? Nothing! Then add to it your favorite music and the people you love to spend time with. Priceless! Take a quick look at all those places where you can head to this monsoon:



Since its inception, this has been Kolkata’s darling! The amazing ambience, a brilliant rooftop, great food, and a super fantastic bar…this is the place where you should spend a lazy afternoon or a relaxed evening.

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Have you ever watched the rain sitting by the poolside? If you have, you know beautiful it can be…and if you haven’t, this is where you should watch it. This placed is designed essentially for the diners, so the ambience kinda gets magical when the sun sets. Sous Chef Benjamin offers a plethora of magnificent dishes and they have a mighty impressive bar menu. Live music, of course, is the icing on the cake

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Aqua – The Park:

 Hearts meet at Aqua, The Park. Without batting an eyelid I can say that this is perhaps one of Kolkata’s best places to have a chilled outing. Once you step in, you will find yourself half in love with this place. And then when you settle yourself down on a cabana just next to the pool, I assure you that you will madly be in love with this place. The when it rains, Subhanaalah!

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