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Hidden Place - The Crazy Frog,Dhole Patil Road

Hidden Place - The Crazy Frog, a neat restaurant on Dhole Patil Road, Pune, is known for being the favourite hangout for students. While the pub is almost always crowded, most of the regulars here are students due to it being pocket-friendly. Decked with quirky and eccentric wallpapers and portraits, the buoyant atmosphere and the vibrant décor make for a merry ambience. This pub plays some of the best music, ranging from progressive rock to gothic metal. The pub also hosts special themes a few nights in the week. A karaoke night is compered every Wednesday where one can croon to one’s favourite numbers. There are various offers on alcohol as well according to the norm for the day. For those who enjoy drinking, Thursdays are the best days to visit this place as the happy hours for the day are prolonged for more time than usual. There is a widespread variety of delightful North Indian, and Continental cuisines that are scrumptious and flavoursome, which would make us keep coming back for more. For those interested in sports, sports channels are displayed on the screens set up in the pub for their convenience. A foosball table too is available for those who wish to while away their time while awaiting their order.

Opening Hours
11:30am to 11:30pm
Finger Food, North Indian, Continental
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  • Karaoke Night at Hidden Place - The Crazy Frog, Pune: LiveInStyle
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  • Hidden Place - The Hangout, Pune | Call 919021664611 - Around the place in 90 seconds
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IN Pune MH 33, 34 & 36, Ground Floor, Akshay Complex, Off Boat Club Road, Behind Zamus, Dhole Patil Road, Pune 411001
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