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Todi Mill Social,Lower Parel

Lower Parel has come to be not just the Moolah Mining borough of Mumbai, but also the hub of creatively led businesses and media houses. This is where start-ups come to become corporations. And ideas become institutions. The second Social couldn’t be better located, in central Mumbai, in the heart of the charming mill area, Todi Mill Social finds home in a large 7,000 sq. ft repurposed Loom Mill. The food, drinks and decor turn the quirk quotient a notch higher and the workspace spins around even bigger better benefits from the usual high speed Wi-Fi, boardroom and lockers facility by having an in-house 3D printer installed in association with ‘Makers Asylum’. Maker’s Asylum is a collaborative space for engineers, and just about anyone looking to build the next steam engine. The space is aptly designed to follow through on this vision. The brief given to architects Faizan Khatri and Samir Raut of Studio Eight Twenty Three was - minimal intervention with the existing space and staying true to the features of the property. The design aims at retaining the enchanting old school Mill structure of the 1920's flanked by the elements of the age. Think retro sloping roofs, now interjected with a plethora of skylights which flood the restaurant with much needed abundant natural light. The original robust steel columns at the periphery, almost a century old, make way for the entrance, through a spanking orange shipping container. The space has 100% up cycled and recycled furniture and repurposed objects that quirk up the décor. The bare metal loft that houses tailor made customizable, cozy work area, the collapsible conference room; along with miniaturized wire framed installations of the space itself complete the space palette. The walls stripped bare, whilst speaking of the era gone strike up an unconventional but intriguing dialogue with natural greenery that peeks into the old wooden, black stained windows, designed to open up cubicle-blinkered minds. Not to forget, the open courtyard at the rear peeping into the main space through the metal bar ledge, makes room for some spontaneous, dynamic conversations. Then of course there’s the food where street food from the world gets as much spotlight as a gourmet meal. Todi Mill Social offers fun dining comfort cafe fare with unique twists in the new menu where everything is served with a generous helping of the unexpected. While retaining the old favorites on popular demand, the new additions include Iroon Junglee Poro, Andaas Apna Apna, Pork Belly Pops, Salchi Papa and Let Us Wrap. Desserts like Gadbad Shetty and Kassa Kay Cassata will take you back to your wonder years. Your meal could arrive on gramophone records, enamel plates and even the aluminum masala peti. The bar menu continues to re-imagine the joy of drinking. Every drink you have you will remember. The new additions include The Lantern (yes – it is served in a lantern), The U.S. Mule and Schizophrenia. There’s also a brand new classics menu with old favorites such as Rusty Nail, The Old Fashioned and Mint Julip. Social blends the best of the office within the ambience of a café. A relaxed space to create and collaborate, to work and play. Get your team on board or spend time here by yourselves. How you do it is secondary – what’s important is that you get to do it. See you at Todi Mill Social.

242, Mathuradas Mill Compound, Todi Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai.
PIN Code
Near Viva Centre
Opening Hours
9:00am to 1:00am
Cafe, American, Desserts, Mediterranean
Cost for Two
1400 (Apporx)
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IN Mumbai MH 242, Mathuradas Mill Compound, Todi Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai. 00013
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