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Saffron,Park Street Area

One of the better known fine-dines around the lavish establishment christened as ‘The Park’, Saffron is an elegantly done restaurant that backs up its positioning flawlessly. The place’s décor consists of white lighting and an elaborate, quaint system of floating ornamental chandeliers that give a touch of serenity to the dining experience. While it is in a closed space, this takes away nothing as Saffron follows it up with some truly fascinating culinary creations. The Oriental Quotient is strong here, as several authentic dishes such as the Zen Rock Lobster, Ramen and Kung Pao Chicken raise the bar substantially. Besides this, the menu is enviably huge and encompasses a generous mix of Mughlai, Thai, Continental, and Bengali. What stands out is the fixed menu that allows for combining platters with a bottle of one’s beverage of choice. Several must-try dishes including Kosha Mangsho, Nizami Lamb Chops, the Kebab Platter alongside Dal Makhani ensure that Saffron leaves no stone unturned in catering to every whim and fancy of your taste buds. Unique desserts, such as the Zen Signature Fried Ice Cream or the Mishti Doi Tiramisu, turn the sweet-dish game on its head. Perhaps, the most striking feature is Saffron’s menu of alcohol infusions for the usual tea or coffee servings, creating never-before-seen beverages such as the Obsession, a milk coffee & Jack Daniels infusion. So while Saffron’s fine-dine may come at a stiff price, the rich hospitality and a diverse menu with tastes provided from every corner of India and beyond make for a fabulous experience.

The Park, 17, Park Street, Park Street Area, Kolkata
PIN Code
The Park
Opening Hours
7:30pm to 12:00am
North Indian, Bengali, Chettinad, South Indian
Cost for Two
Rs 3500
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IN Kolkata WB The Park, 17, Park Street, Park Street Area, Kolkata 700016
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