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The Irish House,Ballygunge

The Irish House, which opened its doors at the Quest Mall located in the heart of the city, captures the spirit of traditional pubs back in grand old Ireland and emulates a warm and welcoming feel. It is an ideal meeting place for the large community of pub-goers which includes the after-work crowd, sports & music lovers, foodies and beer lovers.

5th Floor, Quest Mall, 33, Syed Ali Amir Avenue, Beckbagan, Ballygunge,
PIN Code
5th Floor, Quest Mall
Opening Hours
12:00pm to 11:30pm
Finger Food
Cost for Two
Rs 800
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  • Credit-card
  • Cocktail
  • Without_wifi
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  • Call 08100253778 and Book Table at The Irish House, Quest Mall, Kolkata: LiveInStyle
  • Rochelle Rao @ Irish House, Quest Mall, Kolkata | Call 08100253778: LiveInStyle
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Soma Banik's picture

Totally shitty pub with no respect for customers at all. The hotel manager must be sued for misbehaving with girls. We were 3 girls one of 20 others of 25+. They did not let us in despite requesting them for over 30 minutes. 2 people came outside and fought with us. They made their own rules and had no written proofs for them. First they said they wont allow without i cards to any body then they said below 21 not allowed inside (no where written except no alcohol), then they said upto 20 years we allow, when we showed i card for 20 yrs age proof they said this is not govt i card. All kinds of bullshit. None of the staff managers showed us written rules any where. Finally they said they allow people of all age groups before 4pm. Again nowhere written or mentioned. The manager makes his own rules inside his head. We asked the irish house receptionist lady sitting outside about age restrictions 3 days before going there for partying. She said every one is allowed at that time. Only no alcohol for 21 below. Later they changed rules and fought with us. The senior manager was very very rude. He spoke all kinds of shit and asked us to do whatever we want, he doesn't care, hence taking this matter to the social media!!!!!!
IN Kolkata WB 5th Floor, Quest Mall, 33, Syed Ali Amir Avenue, Beckbagan, Ballygunge, 700019
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