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Cafe Dalal Street,Connaught Place

You wouldn’t get enough of this one! Just when you have the immanent urge to cash in something lucrative, maybe trade up a good deal, head straight to this uniquely thought-over café, Delhi's first ever stock exchange bar – Café Dalal Street. It isn't a new concept for a lot of you from Mumbai but for Delhi, it's drawing eyeballs, feverishly. Located in the coveted Connaught Place, this place is riveting attention, primarily, because of it's unique and playful concept. The Modus operandi revolves around speculation - so, play your ponies! Just like any Stock Exchange, at this fun café, you trade through drinks albeit and not shares. This place gives you a reason to luxuriate in the thrill of more than just reveling with friends. Choose your drink according to the fall of the price – and the price would completely depend upon the demand or popularity of the drink. Spirits start at a base price and are governed by the laws of demand and supply. Based on frequency of order and the time periods within which different customers place orders, the demand of a particular spirit, wine or beer grows or declines and the prices go up or down. It's fun to keep your eyes fixed onto the screens and tickers that are all over – It could just be your lucky evening if the market crashes and you get to savor your favorite potion – single malt, wine or maybe martini at throwaway prices. Brainchild of two enthusiastic youngsters from the financial background, Himanshu Gupta and Vidit Gupta, this place exudes vivacity and buoyancy – a quirky concept bar that aspires to churn out the best of the concoctions for the city's gastronomes and connoisseurs. They were ably supported in this endeavour by Mr. Gurcharan Singh and Mr. Prateek Kochar. Besides, basking in this addictive thrill, you could even dance to the exuberant music churned out by the in-house Dj. The Quirky ambience will let you take a back seat and enjoy a hearty meal with your friends. The wall-art engulfs you straight away. The lights have been kept muted so it doesn't overpower your tete-e-tete. The space overall has a grungy vibe with a big Bull face installation on the walls. The led tickers and TV screens all across make the space very interactive and buzzy thereby are enriching the experience of being in a real stock market. A spectacular terrace overlooking some of the most prominent buildings of Connaught Place adds a zing to the entire place.

Opening Hours
12:00pm to 12:00am
Chinese, Mexican, North Indian, Spanish, Lebanese, Italian, Thai
Cost for Two
Rs. 1,000
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  • The Grand Launch at Cafe Dalal Street, Connaught place, New Delhi
  • The Grand Launch at Cafe Dalal Street, Connaught place, New Delhi
  • The Grand Launch at Cafe Dalal Street, Connaught place, New Delhi
  • The Grand Launch at Cafe Dalal Street, Connaught place, New Delhi
  • The Grand Launch at Cafe Dalal Street, Connaught place, New Delhi
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IN Delhi-NCR HR M-89/90, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001
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