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The Mask- World Grill & Resto Bar (Aurick Hotel),JP Nagar

‘Mask’, the crowning jewel of Aurick is a destination in its own right. This world Grill & Bar set on the rooftop is an ideal place to unwind and catch up with friends, old and new.
In addition to an incredible selection of Cocktails, Whiskies, Cognacs, Rums, Bourbons, Vodkas and countless other fine spirits and beers, the Mask is a remarkable destination to unwind with great music and grilled cuisine from around the world.

Opening Hours
12:00pm to 11:00pm
Continental, Italian, Chinese
Cost for Two
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IN Bangalore KA # 598, 15th Cross, 35th Main 6th Phase,, JP Nagar, Bangalore 560078
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