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wine drinks

Sangria Cocktail

Sangria, which means bleeding, is a cocktail that is named thus owing to its colour. The Romans, at around 200 BC came to Spain, caused a lot of bloodshed with their arrival and planted the vineyard... View More

Santa Sangria Cocktail

Santa Sangria is a fruity cocktail made by blending Green Apples, Raspberries, Rose Syrup and Pomegranate Juice. This jolly beverage is especially made for Christmas celebrations and is specifically... View More

Ginger Champagne Cocktail

Ginger Champagne is a spicy concoction made by blending Ginger, Anise, Spices and Champagne. This sweet and spicy drink is found on the menus of different bars and restaurants around the world. This... View More

Wine Spritzer Cocktail

The Wine Spritzer is a cocktail that is best suitable for warding off the summer heat. It is believed to have originated in Hungary. The Hungarian author Andras Fay had apparently invited his friends... View More

Claret Lemonade Cocktail

Claret Lemonade is a classic Wine Cocktail made by blending Red Wine, Lemon Juice and Sugar. This refreshing cocktail was made popular as a summer cooler by the English in the eighteenth century. The... View More

Bishop’s Cocktail

Bishop Cocktail is a classic Wine cocktail made by blending Lemon Juice, Orange Juice and Red Wine. Large measures of fruit juices make this delightful concoction a fruity punch. The recipe of this... View More


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