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Get a load of our featured cocktails to master the classics or give them an innovative, flavorful spin.
  •  Gin


    Some classic, some innovative. Try out these gin cocktails and be pleasantly surprised.

  •  Scotch and Whisky

    Scotch and Whisky

    Unwind with these scotch and whisky cocktails.

  •  Rum


    Revamp your regular rum drink into a haute rum cocktail.

  •  Vodka


    Add a twist to vodka with simple ingredients and make some luscious vodka cocktails.

  •  Wine


    Don't limit yourself. Explore some delicious possibilities by trying these wine cocktails.

Cocktail Articles

Cocktail recipes and articles are intended only for audience above the Legal Drinking Age as specified by their state & country of residence. Enjoy Responsibly.


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The Art Of Mixing

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  • Bartending Tricks: Learn to do a Complicated Pour
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  • Bartending Tricks: How to Pour?
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  • Vladivar Mixology Masterclass - VladiOFashioned